Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Knitting Olympics Hat

Pattern: made up as I went along. Notes below.
Yarn: Sport weight alpaca from Pajolo Alpaca Farm. I purchased this yarn at Stitches Midwest, and the pink color was a lighter weight than the purple, and I doubled it to make up for it. I started with 200 yards of the purple, and 180 yards of the pink, according to the tags, but I had quite a bit left over.

Notes: I started with a cast on used often for lace knitting, what Montse Stanley calls a "Pinhole cast-on" on page 81, and what some people attribute to a woman whose last name begins with an O, and I don't remember right now (Emily Ocker?). I cast on five, then increased in each in the first row, and again on the second row. After that I divided the stitches onto five needles, and increased at each end of each needle every other row. I did this until I had 160 stitches.

At that point I did a Latvian braid. If you Google "latvian braid" you'll find how to do it.

I worked a few plain rounds, increasing to 171, since the colorwork pattern I picked was 19 stitches wide.

I then worked the pattern, carrying and weaving both colors, and leaving out partial leaves until it was deep enough, ending with two rows of purple, weaving the pink behind. The edge is another Latvian braid, and then a cast-off row.


Blogger Joanna said...

I think this is a lovely piece and your decision to frog to get a better size one you'll be quite happy with now. I didn't know you could do a braid in the middle of a piece of work, so you taught me something too ... it's very nice.

6:44 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Emily Ocker is who I think you are trying to name. I love the hat! Great job. It looks great on you. Too bad I can't wear hats. You know you can't when your husband tells you.."Honey, you look horrible in hats". Nuff said.

4:07 PM  

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