Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Koigu Neckwarmer

This was a great project for one lonely skein of Koigu.
The neckwarmer I made for my dad.

Pattern - Me!
Yarn - one skein Koigu; no clue what color. Who cares? Use whatever you think is pretty and comforting.
Needles: set of five size 2 dpns (you can use whatever you usually prefer to do socks with, naturally.)
One nylon stocking knee-high
2 pounds uncooked rice
two pieces of ribbon, each approximately 10 inches long

Beginning ruffle:
Cast on 117 stitches using crochet cast on.
Join to knit in the round, being careful not to twist cast on.
Knit two rounds even.
Third round: *k1, k2tog, repeat from * around (78 stitches)
Fourth and fifth round: knit even
Sixth round: repeat third round (52 stitches)
Seventh and eighth round: knit even
ninth round: *k3, yo, k2tog, repeat from * replacing k3 with k4 twice (it doesn't matter where, this just makes the stitch count come out right; I did it at the end of the first and third needle)
10th row: knit even, knitting through front of yarn overs (don't twist them!)

Knit even until work measures 17 inches

End ruffle:
first round: repeat ninth round from beginning ruffle
second round: repeat 10th round from beginning ruffle
third and fourth round: knit even
fifth round: *k2, m1, repeat from * around
sixth and seventh round: knit even
eighth round: repeat fifth round
ninth and tenth rounds: knit even
bind off

Thread one piece of ribbon through eyelets formed by yarnovers at one end of tube. Pull closed and tie a pretty bow.
To fill neckwarmer, I used a (new) nylon stocking knee-high. I filled it with rice first, tied a knot in the top and then put it in the knitted tube. I had to push and pull a little to get all the rice in the previously-unstretched stocking, so I think this would be easiest, but your results may vary. Do what you feel is best.
Thread second piece of ribbon through second set of eyelets, pull closed and tie another pretty bow.


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